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Company Info FasterDeals Dennis Montgomery (636) 697-6622 How Can You Help Real Estate Investors? FasterDeals is the Wholesale Side of FasterHouse If you are looking for St Louis area wholesale deals, we have a great supply of Non-MLS and MLS properties. FasterDeals is the wholesale division of FasterHouse which has been in the real […]

True Title Company

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Company Info True Title Company Tara Smith (314) 768-9641 How Can You Help Real Estate Investors? Speed, Efficiency, Accuracy. When you are engaged in the high-stakes world of real estate investment, you want – no you NEED a team that has your back. We’re there, and on our game right with you, every […]

November 2018 Meeting

This is the one everyone waits for every year. Bryan and Debbie Schroeder are going to explain how they grew their rental portfolio over the last 14 years from nothing to a wealth building, cash flow generating portfolio using very little of their own money. Presentation Overview Presentation Slides Haves and Wants Handouts – Checklists […]

November 2018 Meeting Handouts

Virtual Handouts Here are the handouts that Debbie, Scott and Lorie went over during their presentation: FHBC 4 Star Properties Processing the Application 11-15-18 FHBC Checklist for processing a tenant application FHBC Denial Based On Credit Report FHBC Move In Process FHBC Move Out Process FHBC Rental House Rehab Checklist New FHBC Rental Move-In and […]