Shelter Insurance

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How We Help Real Estate Investors:

  • Landlord Friendly insurance for your rentals

John & Jill have more than 30+ years experience in insurance and are landlords themselves so they understand what kind of insurance landlord are looking for. Also, Shelter Insurance has an insurance product that most insurance companies don’t offer they are save you a lot of money. Call John & Jill and have them talk to you about how they can save you a ton of money and keep your rentals insured properly.

John Mica and Jill Ashley

Lindenwood Agency

Insurance Agents for Flips and Commercial Buildings

How We Help Real Estate Investors:

  • Local agency that’s been around since 1955
  • Commercial Insurance Experts for all product lines
  • Represent many fantastic insurance companies
  • Handle all of the commercial insurance for FasterHouse and all it’s subsidiaries

We provide commercial coverage at the best possible rates!

With the motto that our customer is always right, the Lindenwood Agency goes above and beyond to satisfy all of our customer’s needs. As an independent agency, we work with all of our companies to find a customized package to fit our customers’ needs while still maintaining very competitive rates. With so many outlets, there is no customer too big or too small for our insurance agency to handle. 

You will receive an unparalleled level of expertise from our team, to achieve the look you want and the protection your rehab or rental needs, all within a time frame that is right for you.

We Work with Investors fromSt. Charles, St. Peters, O’Fallon, St. Louis, and the surrounding areas

Insurance Agent for Flips


Lindenwood Agency is one of the best insurance companies we have dealt with in our day to day business. Melodie Smith is our go to girl and is quick to respond and help out with any questions or concerns we may have. She is always willing to help with our last minute requests and walk our borrowers through the insurance process. We love the way Lindenwood’s certificates are designed, making it easy for us as a lending company to understand and follow. Melodie is always on top of the renewals on all of our files which helps us out tremendously. 10/10 would recommend working with Melodie Smith at Lindenwood Agency

–Sarah Maxon, Longhorn III Investments, LLC

During my time as a client of The Lindenwood Agency I’ve been made to feel that I’m more than just a policy. They take the time to handle my problems with speed, accuracy, and heart. Each employee is knowledgeable and there to make sure that my life goes right in the face of whatever comes my way. At the end of the day I know I can count on The Lindenwood Agency to be there for me and ensure my life goes on without any complication, while they pick up the pieces and put it back together better than before!

– Christopher, St. Louis, MO

Insurance Agent for Flips

May 2019 Meeting

Mo’ Money. . .Mo’ Deals! Find out how to tap unlimited funds for your deals!

Date: May 16, 2019

Everyone says “You find a deal and the money will appear”, but really is that true?


If you have a true deal there is money everywhere.  The bigger question is what is the right money to go after for a given deal.

  • What is the best money to go after if I’m a rehabber? 
  • What if I’m a landlord that fixes the house first then places a tenant? 
  • What if I just do “buy and hold” rentals? 
  • What if I’m a wholesaler that just needs money for a couple of weeks?

You can do it all with just your own cash but will that reach your real estate goals?  Probably not!

So, how do you decide what source of money to use for a given deal? 

There are several different sources of money for deals.  Suzanne Hunn with FasterFunds Lending and her expert panel of Tim Nash of American Bank (local banker) and John Heinkel with USA Mortgage (mortgage broker) will be explaining how you can leverage various types of funds to reach your goals faster.

There are many variables or factors that go into which type of financing is best for a given deal:

  • Are you going to live in it or is it strictly investment?
  • How long you plan to own it?
  • How fast you need to money to fund the deal?
  • How many current personal real estate loans do you have?
  • What area is the property in?
  • Do you buy using an LLC, other type of Corporation status, or your personal name?
  • Are you currently a W-2 wage earner or self-employed?
  • What type of property is it?  (single family residence, multi-family, apartment complex, etc…)
  • How often do you buy or how many deals do you want to purchase in a year?

Once you figure out your overall approach to real estate investing then it is much easier to know what type of financing or combination of financing will be optimal for you.

Suzanne and her expert panel will be covering different strategies that you can use a real estate investor which can really accelerate your net worth and monthly cash flow!

One such method that uses leverage is the BRRRR Method.  This is where you purchase a house, fix it up, place a tenant, then refinance the short-term construction loan for long term mortgage loan AND pull out the funds you personally have tied up in the property.

Then you do it again! 

Buy, Rehab, Rent out, Refinance, Repeat (BRRRR Method)

What if you are a rehabber?  Now you need money for the purchase and the fix.  How can you do that without using all your own money? Or how can you strategically use your own money and not have to go through construction disbursing.

Well, I have to leave a little cliff hanger.  Come on out May 16th and Suzanne will tell you exactly how to fund that type of deal and more!

Angle Ridge Remodeling

Quality Roofing and Siding for All Your Rehabs

Quality Roofing and Siding for All Your Rehabs

How We Help Real Estate Investors:

  • We understand the rehab/rental business and therefore know that time is of the essence
  • We are familiar with the Fasterfunds program and understand the process
  • We are proud of our work and our reputation, we want to give investors a great price, but also the future homeowner a great product they can trust in

Services for all your roofing and siding needs!

For decades Shaun has been developing his expertise as a roofing contractor. He makes an effort to be personally involved in each of their remodels from start to finish.

You will receive an unparalleled level of expertise from our team, to achieve the look you want and the protection your rehab or rental needs, all within a time frame that is right for you.

We Work with Investors All Over the St. Louis Area*

*Except for Illinois

Roofing and Siding Company


As a real estate professional, Angle Ridge is always my #1 go to, if my clients are needing work done. They’re extremely professional, fair, and I can always count on them to get the job done right!

From start to finish, I haven’t seen a better run organization. Coming from the trades myself I can say that this is a company that I would trust and recommend to my dearest relationships. Thank you Angle Ridge Remodeling for being an honest, “stand-up” company that always gets things done.

Best contractor I’ve ever used. Angle Ridge Remodeling designed, planned, and installed an entirely new roof on my new construction home. His crew had the plywood on in just a day, and knocked out the shingles before dinner time on the following day. They cleaned up the job site and it came out absolutely perfect.Shawn and his crew are the ONLY contractors I would recommend for the work they do. Friendly, affordable, on time, and rock solid. 
Great job!!!” 

Shaun & Sandy Wright, owners of Angle Ridge Remodeling

Roofing and Siding Company

April 2019 Meeting

A Peek Behind the FasterHouse Flipping Curtain

Date: April 18, 2019

Join us in April while Sam Primm takes a deep dive into the FasterHouse Flipping team and how we buy and sell houses!

Sam will be sharing a few case studies of deals FasterHouse has done. Along with walking us through the process of what we do on a daily basis to get deals from the very beginning (marketing)…to the final closing table.

He will have real examples and real numbers! He will also share some funny stories along the way and really give people a chance to get to know our team and our processes.

March 2019 Meeting

Alternative Asset Investing: Leveraging Self-Directed IRAs

Date: March 21, 2019

We are excited about having Kent Kinzer with Equity Trust presenting on how to leverage self-directed IRAs!

Self-Directed IRA/401(k) investing, although widely misunderstood and underutilized, allows investors to architect a diversification strategy with assets often not found in traditional asset allocation models. Assets including, but not limited to, real estate, mortgage notes and trust deeds, small businesses, joint ventures, private equity, and precious metals. Kent Kinzer with Equity Trust will be covering:

-7 types of tax-advantaged accounts available at Equity Trust

-What type of self-directed IRA investments are allowable by the IRS Real-life case studies of self-directed IRA success

-Answers to other common questions about how the investment process works and what documents are required

Equity Trust Company offers a comprehensive self-directed IRA/401(k) educational program, providing useful tools, resources, and insight into the methods used by Equity Trust’s 130,000+ clients. The tactics discussed will demonstrate methods to potentially eliminate capital gains tax and ordinary income taxes within your real estate and or alternative investment assets through tax-advantaged retirement accounts. Attendees have the opportunity to leave this training with the knowledge and guidance to formulate and implement alternative investing into their financial plan. We look forward to seeing you there!

Mark your calendars for March 21st!

Call Porter

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Never Lose A Deal Again

Live call answering for real estate investors

How We Help Real Estate Investors:

  • Our call center only handles calls for real estate investors
  • Trusted by over 150 investors around the country
  • Instant web lead calls available (if someone fills out your web form we call them back within 30-60 seconds)
  • Cold calling services
  • Featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Bigger Pockets
  • We use only US based agents

For Investors Who Hate Losing Deals

Call Porter is the world’s only live answering service and lead management system built exclusively for real estate investors who want to buy and sell more properties.

Without working harder or being glued to the phone!

Built by investors, for investors. First impressions can make or break a deal. Call Porter’s staff are all expertly trained in all aspects of real estate and work exclusively with real estate investors.

We Are Based In St Louis,

But Work With Investors Nationwide.

Never Lose A Deal Again

Live call answering for real estate investors


Justin and his team made a game changer in our business. They follow instructions closely and they’re know what they’re doing. Their reps are trained more than what I could train my lead managers, and I had 4.They’re always willing to help and to improve and it’s impressive. Thank you guys keep your hard work!
~ Guy Nizri

I have been using Call Porter for not even a month, and have already gotten a deal under contract. At this point my biggest dilemma is to buy it or whole sale it. This is a deal that I would have missed because I rarely can get to the phone in time to answer. Ryan and his team answers on time, every time, and they are way better than I could ever hope to be. They feed all information into my CRM and I call the sellers back and take it from there. Thanks again guys, Life Changer!
~ Nick Vehr

If you want a professional answering service to handle your hot leads for real estate then Call Porter is the right company. After spending a great amount of money and time on direct mail, the last thing I wanted was for these hot leads to get thrown into voice mail. The best part of Call Porter is they are real estate trained and know just what to ask the customer. Highly recommended.
~ Anthony DeBiasi

Call David Cruise

Never Lose A Deal Again

Live call answering for real estate investors

Mike Kitko

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How We Help Real Estate Investors:

  • Help improve their career performance and/ or make major life changes
  • Maximize wealth earning potential
  • Learn to let go of the impostor in charge

Mike Kitko is an extremely passionate business coach helping executives, business owners, and leaders reinvent themselves and become financially and personally powerful with a coaching program unlike any other.


“As the owner of a small business, I love to have someone to brainstorm with. It makes it even better if this person is a trusted resource that knows your business well but doesn’t have a stake in the outcome.

I hired Mike Kitko because I was looking for someone to help me take my company to the next level. It has worked out so well. He has really come to understand our company, our team, and our culture.

He is someone I trust to go to when I need to talk through a tough decision. He has brought several blind spots to the surface that I didn’t know were holding our team back.

I really love our weekly talks and they either make me think about something in a different way or lead to a breakthrough I didn’t see coming.

He has become an awesome resource for me and our leadership team.”

– Bryan Schroeder
Owner and CEO of Fasterhouse (Real Estate Investment Company)

“I highly recommend Mike to any and everyone. He’s not just a coach, mentor or accountability partner. Most importantly he’s a friend. First time I sat with Mike he read me like a book, felt like he knew my ins and outs.

He’s amazing at what he does. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be on the path I’m on or I wouldn’t be the person I am. He’s the reason I pick up the crown I’ve been so afraid to touch.”

– Jervon Hill
Real Estate Entrepreneur

Get Inspired!

Find out more about how Mike Kitko can help you take the first step to freedom and prosperity.

“Big shout out to Mike Kitko!  Incredible job today talking about being the best version of yourself.

You have found your passion in speaking and coaching and I truly appreciate you.

If anyone is struggling through a tough time, lacking some confidence or is successful in one aspect of life but feeling empty in others Mike Kitko is your guy.”

– James Brinkmann, Owner and Team Leader
The Fidelis Group Real Estate Team

Mike Kitko
High-Performance Leadership Coaching

“Mike is an incredible executive coach. After working with him for a short period of time, he provided me with the tools and resources to recognize and realize my full potential.

I have never encountered a coach that has such an infectious energy that is so easily passed on to his clients. He is empowering, inspirational, thoughtful, and extremely driven. Working with Mike will result in reaching your full potential.

I strongly recommend Mike to anyone searching for an improved ability to be all that you are destined to be.”

– Tony Garavaglia, Senior Vice President
Willis, Towers, Watson

Get Inspired!

Find out more about how Mike Kitko can help you take the first step to freedom and prosperity.