March 2019 Meeting

Alternative Asset Investing: Leveraging Self-Directed IRAs

Date: March 21, 2019

We are excited about having Kent Kinzer with Equity Trust presenting on how to leverage self-directed IRAs!

Self-Directed IRA/401(k) investing, although widely misunderstood and underutilized, allows investors to architect a diversification strategy with assets often not found in traditional asset allocation models. Assets including, but not limited to, real estate, mortgage notes and trust deeds, small businesses, joint ventures, private equity, and precious metals. Kent Kinzer with Equity Trust will be covering:

-7 types of tax-advantaged accounts available at Equity Trust

-What type of self-directed IRA investments are allowable by the IRS Real-life case studies of self-directed IRA success

-Answers to other common questions about how the investment process works and what documents are required

Equity Trust Company offers a comprehensive self-directed IRA/401(k) educational program, providing useful tools, resources, and insight into the methods used by Equity Trust’s 130,000+ clients. The tactics discussed will demonstrate methods to potentially eliminate capital gains tax and ordinary income taxes within your real estate and or alternative investment assets through tax-advantaged retirement accounts. Attendees have the opportunity to leave this training with the knowledge and guidance to formulate and implement alternative investing into their financial plan. We look forward to seeing you there!

Mark your calendars for March 21st!

Call Porter

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Never Lose A Deal Again

Live call answering for real estate investors

How We Help Real Estate Investors:

  • Our call center only handles calls for real estate investors
  • Trusted by over 150 investors around the country
  • Instant web lead calls available (if someone fills out your web form we call them back within 30-60 seconds)
  • Cold calling services
  • Featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Bigger Pockets
  • We use only US based agents

For Investors Who Hate Losing Deals

Call Porter is the world’s only live answering service and lead management system built exclusively for real estate investors who want to buy and sell more properties.

Without working harder or being glued to the phone!

Built by investors, for investors. First impressions can make or break a deal. Call Porter’s staff are all expertly trained in all aspects of real estate and work exclusively with real estate investors.

We Are Based In St Louis,

But Work With Investors Nationwide.

Never Lose A Deal Again

Live call answering for real estate investors


Justin and his team made a game changer in our business. They follow instructions closely and they’re know what they’re doing. Their reps are trained more than what I could train my lead managers, and I had 4.They’re always willing to help and to improve and it’s impressive. Thank you guys keep your hard work!
~ Guy Nizri

I have been using Call Porter for not even a month, and have already gotten a deal under contract. At this point my biggest dilemma is to buy it or whole sale it. This is a deal that I would have missed because I rarely can get to the phone in time to answer. Ryan and his team answers on time, every time, and they are way better than I could ever hope to be. They feed all information into my CRM and I call the sellers back and take it from there. Thanks again guys, Life Changer!
~ Nick Vehr

If you want a professional answering service to handle your hot leads for real estate then Call Porter is the right company. After spending a great amount of money and time on direct mail, the last thing I wanted was for these hot leads to get thrown into voice mail. The best part of Call Porter is they are real estate trained and know just what to ask the customer. Highly recommended.
~ Anthony DeBiasi

Call David Cruise

Never Lose A Deal Again

Live call answering for real estate investors

Mike Kitko

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How We Help Real Estate Investors:

  • Help improve their career performance and/ or make major life changes
  • Maximize wealth earning potential
  • Learn to let go of the impostor in charge

Mike Kitko is an extremely passionate business coach helping executives, business owners, and leaders reinvent themselves and become financially and personally powerful with a coaching program unlike any other.


“As the owner of a small business, I love to have someone to brainstorm with. It makes it even better if this person is a trusted resource that knows your business well but doesn’t have a stake in the outcome.

I hired Mike Kitko because I was looking for someone to help me take my company to the next level. It has worked out so well. He has really come to understand our company, our team, and our culture.

He is someone I trust to go to when I need to talk through a tough decision. He has brought several blind spots to the surface that I didn’t know were holding our team back.

I really love our weekly talks and they either make me think about something in a different way or lead to a breakthrough I didn’t see coming.

He has become an awesome resource for me and our leadership team.”

– Bryan Schroeder
Owner and CEO of Fasterhouse (Real Estate Investment Company)

“I highly recommend Mike to any and everyone. He’s not just a coach, mentor or accountability partner. Most importantly he’s a friend. First time I sat with Mike he read me like a book, felt like he knew my ins and outs.

He’s amazing at what he does. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be on the path I’m on or I wouldn’t be the person I am. He’s the reason I pick up the crown I’ve been so afraid to touch.”

– Jervon Hill
Real Estate Entrepreneur

Get Inspired!

Find out more about how Mike Kitko can help you take the first step to freedom and prosperity.

“Big shout out to Mike Kitko!  Incredible job today talking about being the best version of yourself.

You have found your passion in speaking and coaching and I truly appreciate you.

If anyone is struggling through a tough time, lacking some confidence or is successful in one aspect of life but feeling empty in others Mike Kitko is your guy.”

– James Brinkmann, Owner and Team Leader
The Fidelis Group Real Estate Team

Mike Kitko
High-Performance Leadership Coaching

“Mike is an incredible executive coach. After working with him for a short period of time, he provided me with the tools and resources to recognize and realize my full potential.

I have never encountered a coach that has such an infectious energy that is so easily passed on to his clients. He is empowering, inspirational, thoughtful, and extremely driven. Working with Mike will result in reaching your full potential.

I strongly recommend Mike to anyone searching for an improved ability to be all that you are destined to be.”

– Tony Garavaglia, Senior Vice President
Willis, Towers, Watson

Get Inspired!

Find out more about how Mike Kitko can help you take the first step to freedom and prosperity.

Haves & Wants January 2019

NamePhone.NumberHave / Want
Nicholas Smith314-755-5229Has property in south city ain 63116, arv 110k, 4832 allemania st 63116
Mike Chatfield314-322-7466Wholesaler workshop February 2nd in St. Charles. $100 for all day event. Text “workshop” if interested and to learn more
Michael Babcock314-329-7378looking for private money, 36 months
Tom Priester314-580-15623 bed in st john, all brick, 1.5 bath, could be made to 4 beds, 68k asking price, 8k rehab for move in ready, 105 arv
Alex S314-808-4321has 6 duplexes, 4 unit, range from 9500-59000, 10 out of 12 units already rented, in 63111 and one in 63132 and 63136
Denny Robert314-478-4332has 2 family in south city at chippewa and compton, has updated electrical and plumbing, asking 20k; has single family 4363 baisch ln – had fire so needs full rehab, asking 12k
Jason LiCavoli314-681-7700has jefferson county real estate investment club, wants property in jeff co – arnold, fenton, dittmer
Matthew R314-359-5779has triplex in south city chippewa and grand, fully occupied, rents for 1650/ month, asking 115k
Caurie Floyd314-459-0004approved short sale 1815 n hanley, 63114, 3/1, 1000 sqft, 1 car garage, needs updated, on lockbox, call or text to see property, bring offer
Holly G314-629-3858has property in city on Nebraska, boarded up property, had a fire or two, asking 11k, arv is 90-100k
Sheila Bueltman314-606-4810has new tricounty investment club in st charles, lincoln and warren county, open to realtors, investors, contractors, next meeting is feb 7th
James Carlock478-412-5284Has rental property in ferguson, arv 38k, 21000 asking, less than 5k in repairs, rents 795
Corey Haney314-606-5022has rehab in st peters, 5/2.5, 3000 sqft, all new exterior, hvac replaced this month, stripped to studs, asking 219k
Forest Luhcs314-202-9007Luchs, has small general contracting company, has properties to wholesale

Austin Andrews


has 180 units off market in north county, looking for multifamily units off gravois

Jennifer Donley


has 4/1, attached garage, good rental, asking 38k

REI Print Mail

Graphic Connections

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Direct Mail Customized For Real Estate Investors

With over 20 years of experience with direct mail for real estate investors, REIPrintMail knows what works and what doesn’t.

How We Help Real Estate Investors:

  • We only partner with the best
  • REIprintmail continues to create unique mailers that are exclusive to REIprintmail
  • They’ll custom design a DM (direct mail) campaign around your budget
  • If you’re not using DM as part of your marketing strategy, you’re leaving money (yours!) on the table
  • 20 years serving the REI community, they know what works. . .and what doesn’t

They are experts in Real Estate Investor Direct Mail. Specializing in high ROI mail marketing campaigns and creating fantastic new mailers, they are absolutely going to get you more responses and more leads.

Even though we are located in the St Louis Metro area, we work with investors throughout the United States


We use REIPrintMail for all FasterHouse’s direct mail needs. They are great to work with and completely understand the needs of real estate investors.


Marketing Coordinator

REIPrintMail handles all our crazy ideas and they make many suggestions to help us get a better ROI. There expertise is invaluable!



Direct Mail Customized For Real Estate Investors

With over 20 years of experience with direct mail for real estate investors, REIPrintMail knows what works and what doesn’t.

Full disclosure – is an affiliate which gives you a 10% discount and it gives us some spare change so help support the cost of the FasterHouse Buyers’ Club

Haves & Wants October 2018

NamePhone.NumberHave / Want
Dustin Hoog314-709-8990has 4 bed/ 1 bath in Ferguson, asking 35k, rent is 850-900, value around 50k, needs 4k
Tim Grimmett314-283-60222 bed/ 1bath slab in St. Ann, 3622 Long Ave, around 65-69k; needs people who have money (private lenders)
Robert Redd636-675-2850has potential flip in Webster, price around 200k, will sell around 300k; looking for rehabs in St. Charles County
Merle Schneider314-422-8040looking to buy fix and flips around 200-250k, deals in st charles county
Thomas Priester314-569-0777custom discount exteriors, has 9 roofing crews
Jason Dover636-639-1304marble life, popped grout, tile, grout – let him restore it
Tom Clark314-704-3896has 1031 money trying to place, multifamily or portfolio of single families, purchase price between 1 and 2 million
Thomas G314-925-7550can repair credit, TNT credit repair
Donald Shaver314-649-0471Bookkeeping services, accounting – no taxes

Haves & Wants September 2018

NamePhone.NumberHave / Want
Phillip Vincent314-537-7445Looking for properties in good school districts, so he can build something
Maggie314-333-3352Has properties to wholesale, couple in city, couple with tenants; email:
David Randolph636-248-5834Looking for framing crew in south city
Brad Locke314-398-6900Looking for rehabs in st charles county, lincoln or warren county; looking for good contractors
Sandra Holtmeyer636-856-3358looking for rentals or rehabs in st charles and mid and west st louis county
Merle S314-422-8040looking for fixer upper rehab, loves st charles county, but wants good school district
Ryan Mica636-946-6133Lindenwood Insurance Agency, can do builders risk, general liability
Ryan or Corey of Graphic Connections GroupUse the link to get a 10% discountIf you are interested in direct mail marketing use the following FasterHouse link to get a 10% discount – OR call Ryan at 636-519-8320 or email

January 2019 Meeting

Share the Evening with a Local Successful Real Estate Investor – Bryan Schroeder

Bryan Schroeder is going to sit down with his Life and Business Coach Mike Kitko and share his story from being a beginner real estate investor to flipping well over 1000 houses, building a portfolio of 130 single family rentals and growing a hard money lending business.

Mike is an incredible interviewer who is going to bring out the stories, challenges and successes Bryan has had in his 16 year career in Real Estate Investing. There are no secrets. Everything will be covered including but not limited to:

• How he got started
• Who were his early mentors
• What was his biggest challenge
• How to buy houses with no money or credit
• How he built a portfolio of rental property worth over $10,000,000
• What aspect of investing he enjoys most
• How he navigated the financial crisis in 2008
• Where he believes we are in the market cycle
• How to take advantage of 2019

You will have time to ask your questions as well. So come on out to the big white tent in New Town on January 17th at 6:00 pm. There will be plenty of like-minded real estate investors to network with to help you grow your business in 2019.

February 2019 Meeting

Wholesaling Secrets! How to Make Money in the St Louis Market

Date: February 21, 2019

Chris Kleewein of STL Investor Academy
Chris Kleewein of STL Investor Academy

If you’re interested in buying and selling homes in the St. Louis area then you need to attend this meeting – right here in St. Louis!

Chris has had students that make $5,000 – $10,000 in the first 60 days! Let him show you how they did it, and you can do it too!

As a local investor, Chris has worked in OUR neighborhoods and with our people. This isn’t some national road show and a pitch, these are real techniques you can use right here and right away!

Yes – what he’ll share with you will completely change the way you look at the world of real estate.

He has spent 20 years working in the St. Louis market – that’s hundreds of deals. He does a great job showing you what works right now in St. Louis!

Chris is having a 3-day training March 1-3, 2019. If you are interested sign up online at

Presentation from Chris Kleewein

Haves & Wants: November 2018

NamePhone.NumberHave / Want
Grant Donoho636-336-67703 bed and 2 bath rentals for sale, have 5 for sale ranging from 12K to 15k in Spanish Lake
James Carlock678-687-6693has 2/1 asking 52k on 6614 Virginia Ave, 63111
Roger Wallach314-308-2900is real estate attorney, can protect from legal problems, 25 years experience, can help with structuring business, trusts, etc
Shawn Finley314-709-88433/2 in Webster Groves, ARV 325, asking 157k, 820 Greely Ave
David Larson920-415-2039has rental available in Ferguson, mostly remodeled, asking 38k, 2/1
Carolyn Dillworth636-352-3217does payroll and reporting
Ryan336-340-3607with technology company , provides ARV reports, works with banks for these ARV reports, national company
Tyler Luebert636-745-3185works at American Bank, investor friendly bank
John Henkel314-608-2800works with USA mortgage
Dennis Venezia636-386-3913collects on judgements, Beacon Recovery