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Collect Your Old Money

How We Help Real Estate Investors:

  • Help boost cash flow by collecting old judgements and bad debts
  • Persistent and Efficient at collecting the money you are entitled to

No Recovery – No Fee

Beacon Recovery works hard to collect money for you. They are a professional company who treats everyone with respect.

Chat with Dennis to see how you can save money that you once thought was lost.

Beacon Recovery’s Mission Statement:

To help businesses gain control of their accounts receivables by collecting their most difficult delinquencies and by assisting them in developing and implementing internal credit and collection procedures that will boost their cash flow and reduce their risk of doing business – without sacrificing sales!


Dennis is an amazing collector. I don’t know how he does it, but he has collected numerous judgements for us, some almost 10 years old. He gets excellent result and always treats the debtors with respect.”
~ Debbie Schroeder

After months of broken promises, the debtor quit taking our phone calls. Within 10 days of contacting Beacon Recovery Systems we had our payment in full! During my 20 years of professional practice as managing partner of my firm, no collection service has been as results oriented or easier to deal with.”
~ Rick D.

We have NEVER recovered money that was this old before”
~ Tim G.