Corey Boyles Photography

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Professional Photographer for Real Estate Investors

How We Help Real Estate Investors:

  • Professional Photos Sell and Rent Houses Faster
  • Corey creates higher demand through high quality images
  • 24 Hour or sooner turn-around time
  • Studio and mobile head shot photography

Professional Photographer for Investors

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Professional Photographer for Investors


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Quality Paint for All Your Rehabs

How We Help Real Estate Investors:

  • Complete Market and Industry knowledge to help reduce hassle
  • Product & Color advice to help increase your profits
  • Contractor specific tools and resources to help save time and money

Sherwin-Williams offers the best products, service and support in the industry. You get local service and advice, fast order turnaround, competitive prices and credit terms — all the innovations that make your job easier, and one source for paint, equipment and supplies.

Sherwin-Williams is happy to serve you where ever your job takes you. With 35 St. Louis area stores and more than 4,200+ stores in North America, Sherwin-Williams is the convenient option for paint & supplies for your business.


We have been partnering with Sherwin-Williams now for the past four years and are absolutely thrilled with our experiences with them. Whether it is making a personal call or text for paint to having them deliver supplies or lunch to the job site, the service has been exceptional. Alex, Derek and Mary are always so accommodating and helpful which in turn has helped our company to thrive and be successful. Gib & Son Painting would not be where we are today without the efforts of the Sherwin-Williams staff! – Greg Gibson, Gib and Son Painting

Beacon Recovery Systems

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Collect Your Old Money

How We Help Real Estate Investors:

  • Help boost cash flow by collecting old judgements and bad debts
  • Persistent and Efficient at collecting the money you are entitled to

No Recovery – No Fee

Beacon Recovery works hard to collect money for you. They are a professional company who treats everyone with respect.

Chat with Dennis to see how you can save money that you once thought was lost.

Beacon Recovery’s Mission Statement:

To help businesses gain control of their accounts receivables by collecting their most difficult delinquencies and by assisting them in developing and implementing internal credit and collection procedures that will boost their cash flow and reduce their risk of doing business – without sacrificing sales!


Dennis is an amazing collector. I don’t know how he does it, but he has collected numerous judgements for us, some almost 10 years old. He gets excellent result and always treats the debtors with respect.”
~ Debbie Schroeder

After months of broken promises, the debtor quit taking our phone calls. Within 10 days of contacting Beacon Recovery Systems we had our payment in full! During my 20 years of professional practice as managing partner of my firm, no collection service has been as results oriented or easier to deal with.”
~ Rick D.

We have NEVER recovered money that was this old before”
~ Tim G.

American Bank of Missouri

How We Help Real Estate Investors:

  • Local lender for rental properties
  • Understand what real estate investors need and want in a lender
  • Competitive rates and terms
  • Customized solutions

The commercial lenders at American Bank will work with you to come up with customized solutions that meet your needs and goals.



901 Hwy K

O’Fallon, MO 63366


9800 Manchester Rd

Suite A

Rock Hill, MO 63119

Des Peres

12161 Manchester Rd.

St Louis, MO 63131

Wright City

690 N Service Road West

Wright City, MO 63390

Shelter Insurance

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How We Help Real Estate Investors:

  • Landlord Friendly insurance for your rentals

John & Jill have more than 30+ years experience in insurance and are landlords themselves so they understand what kind of insurance landlord are looking for. Also, Shelter Insurance has an insurance product that most insurance companies don’t offer they are save you a lot of money. Call John & Jill and have them talk to you about how they can save you a ton of money and keep your rentals insured properly.

John Mica and Jill Ashley

Lindenwood Agency

Insurance Agents for Flips and Commercial Buildings

How We Help Real Estate Investors:

  • Local agency that’s been around since 1955
  • Commercial Insurance Experts for all product lines
  • Represent many fantastic insurance companies
  • Handle all of the commercial insurance for FasterHouse and all it’s subsidiaries

We provide commercial coverage at the best possible rates!

With the motto that our customer is always right, the Lindenwood Agency goes above and beyond to satisfy all of our customer’s needs. As an independent agency, we work with all of our companies to find a customized package to fit our customers’ needs while still maintaining very competitive rates. With so many outlets, there is no customer too big or too small for our insurance agency to handle. 

You will receive an unparalleled level of expertise from our team, to achieve the look you want and the protection your rehab or rental needs, all within a time frame that is right for you.

We Work with Investors fromSt. Charles, St. Peters, O’Fallon, St. Louis, and the surrounding areas

Insurance Agent for Flips


Lindenwood Agency is one of the best insurance companies we have dealt with in our day to day business. Melodie Smith is our go to girl and is quick to respond and help out with any questions or concerns we may have. She is always willing to help with our last minute requests and walk our borrowers through the insurance process. We love the way Lindenwood’s certificates are designed, making it easy for us as a lending company to understand and follow. Melodie is always on top of the renewals on all of our files which helps us out tremendously. 10/10 would recommend working with Melodie Smith at Lindenwood Agency

–Sarah Maxon, Longhorn III Investments, LLC

During my time as a client of The Lindenwood Agency I’ve been made to feel that I’m more than just a policy. They take the time to handle my problems with speed, accuracy, and heart. Each employee is knowledgeable and there to make sure that my life goes right in the face of whatever comes my way. At the end of the day I know I can count on The Lindenwood Agency to be there for me and ensure my life goes on without any complication, while they pick up the pieces and put it back together better than before!

– Christopher, St. Louis, MO

Insurance Agent for Flips

Angle Ridge Remodeling

Quality Roofing and Siding for All Your Rehabs

Quality Roofing and Siding for All Your Rehabs

How We Help Real Estate Investors:

  • We understand the rehab/rental business and therefore know that time is of the essence
  • We are familiar with the Fasterfunds program and understand the process
  • We are proud of our work and our reputation, we want to give investors a great price, but also the future homeowner a great product they can trust in

Services for all your roofing and siding needs!

For decades Shaun has been developing his expertise as a roofing contractor. He makes an effort to be personally involved in each of their remodels from start to finish.

You will receive an unparalleled level of expertise from our team, to achieve the look you want and the protection your rehab or rental needs, all within a time frame that is right for you.

We Work with Investors All Over the St. Louis Area*

*Except for Illinois

Roofing and Siding Company


As a real estate professional, Angle Ridge is always my #1 go to, if my clients are needing work done. They’re extremely professional, fair, and I can always count on them to get the job done right!

From start to finish, I haven’t seen a better run organization. Coming from the trades myself I can say that this is a company that I would trust and recommend to my dearest relationships. Thank you Angle Ridge Remodeling for being an honest, “stand-up” company that always gets things done.

Best contractor I’ve ever used. Angle Ridge Remodeling designed, planned, and installed an entirely new roof on my new construction home. His crew had the plywood on in just a day, and knocked out the shingles before dinner time on the following day. They cleaned up the job site and it came out absolutely perfect.Shawn and his crew are the ONLY contractors I would recommend for the work they do. Friendly, affordable, on time, and rock solid. 
Great job!!!” 

Shaun & Sandy Wright, owners of Angle Ridge Remodeling

Roofing and Siding Company

Mike Kitko Professional Development

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How We Help Real Estate Investors:

  • Guide them to achieve what they desire most from life.
  • Help them create authentic and intense personal power for optimal career performance.
  • Help them maximize their wealth-earning potential.
  • Assist them to refine/define their unique life’s purpose and step into it powerfully.
  • Help them lead and serve their family, giving them a financially secure environment in which to thrive.

Mike Kitko is a passionate executive coach who helps business owners find success and happiness. He has assembled a mastermind group of business owners who want to exponentially grow their businesses while helping each other grow and achieve higher levels of success in all areas of life. They openly share wins and challenges with each other for support and accountability to achieve their desired outcomes. Join today!

Find out more about how Mike Kitko can help you take the first step to everything you desire!


“As the owner of a small business, I love to have someone to brainstorm with. It makes it even better if this person is a trusted resource that knows your business well but doesn’t have a stake in the outcome.

I hired Mike Kitko because I was looking for someone to help me take my company to the next level. It has worked out so well. He has really come to understand our company, our team, and our culture.

He is someone I trust to go to when I need to talk through a tough decision. He has brought several blind spots to the surface that I didn’t know were holding our team back.

I really love our weekly talks and they either make me think about something in a different way or lead to a breakthrough I didn’t see coming.

He has become an awesome resource for me and our leadership team.”

– Bryan Schroeder
Owner and CEO of Fasterhouse (Real Estate Investment Company)

“I highly recommend Mike to any and everyone. He’s not just a coach, mentor or accountability partner. Most importantly he’s a friend. First time I sat with Mike he read me like a book, felt like he knew my ins and outs.

He’s amazing at what he does. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be on the path I’m on or I wouldn’t be the person I am. He’s the reason I pick up the crown I’ve been so afraid to touch.”

– Jervon Hill
Real Estate Entrepreneur

Find out more about how Mike Kitko can help you take the first step to everything you desire!

“Big shout out to Mike Kitko!  Incredible job today talking about being the best version of yourself.

You have found your passion in speaking and coaching and I truly appreciate you.

If anyone is struggling through a tough time, lacking some confidence or is successful in one aspect of life but feeling empty in others Mike Kitko is your guy.”

– James Brinkmann, Owner and Team Leader
The Fidelis Group Real Estate Team

Mike Kitko
High-Performance Leadership Coaching

“Mike is an incredible executive coach. After working with him for a short period of time, he provided me with the tools and resources to recognize and realize my full potential.

I have never encountered a coach that has such an infectious energy that is so easily passed on to his clients. He is empowering, inspirational, thoughtful, and extremely driven. Working with Mike will result in reaching your full potential.

I strongly recommend Mike to anyone searching for an improved ability to be all that you are destined to be.”

– Tony Garavaglia, Senior Vice President
Willis, Towers, Watson

Find out more about how Mike Kitko can help you take the first step to everything you desire!

REI Print Mail

Graphic Connections

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Direct Mail Customized For Real Estate Investors

With over 20 years of experience with direct mail for real estate investors, REIPrintMail knows what works and what doesn’t.

How We Help Real Estate Investors:

  • We only partner with the best
  • REIprintmail continues to create unique mailers that are exclusive to REIprintmail
  • They’ll custom design a DM (direct mail) campaign around your budget
  • If you’re not using DM as part of your marketing strategy, you’re leaving money (yours!) on the table
  • 20 years serving the REI community, they know what works. . .and what doesn’t

They are experts in Real Estate Investor Direct Mail. Specializing in high ROI mail marketing campaigns and creating fantastic new mailers, they are absolutely going to get you more responses and more leads.

Even though we are located in the St Louis Metro area, we work with investors throughout the United States


We use REIPrintMail for all FasterHouse’s direct mail needs. They are great to work with and completely understand the needs of real estate investors.


Marketing Coordinator

REIPrintMail handles all our crazy ideas and they make many suggestions to help us get a better ROI. There expertise is invaluable!



Direct Mail Customized For Real Estate Investors

With over 20 years of experience with direct mail for real estate investors, REIPrintMail knows what works and what doesn’t.

Full disclosure – is an affiliate which gives you a 10% discount and it gives us some spare change so help support the cost of the FasterHouse Buyers’ Club