January 2019 Meeting

Share the Evening with a Local Successful Real Estate Investor – Bryan Schroeder

Bryan Schroeder is going to sit down with his Life and Business Coach Mike Kitko and share his story from being a beginner real estate investor to flipping well over 1000 houses, building a portfolio of 130 single family rentals and growing a hard money lending business.

Mike is an incredible interviewer who is going to bring out the stories, challenges and successes Bryan has had in his 16 year career in Real Estate Investing. There are no secrets. Everything will be covered including but not limited to:

• How he got started
• Who were his early mentors
• What was his biggest challenge
• How to buy houses with no money or credit
• How he built a portfolio of rental property worth over $10,000,000
• What aspect of investing he enjoys most
• How he navigated the financial crisis in 2008
• Where he believes we are in the market cycle
• How to take advantage of 2019

You will have time to ask your questions as well. So come on out to the big white tent in New Town on January 17th at 6:00 pm. There will be plenty of like-minded real estate investors to network with to help you grow your business in 2019.