June 2020 Meeting

Become a Master, Super Rockstar Negotiator

Jeff Garner is not a superhero but he does have a superhuman power. His ability to negotiate and get the best out of every situation is amazing. Imagine if you could pay 5-10% less for every house you bought, or if you could convince your significant other to actually eat where you want to eat for once! The possibilities of proper negotiation are endless. Jeff has agreed to come and teach you the inner workings and mindset needed to be a rock star negotiator.

Jeff owns a very successful house flipping business, Starting Point Real Estate. He also owns a portfolio of rentals, has flipped hundreds of houses and is a national real estate investment speaker. He has negotiated millions upon millions of dollars of real estate over the past several years and is teaching people around the country how to do just that. Luckily for us, he lives local and is willing to impart those tools upon everyone at our next event.

Now remember…. with great power comes great responsibility . (Spiderman reference in the house!). You must promise to use this new found power of negotiation only for good, and never for evil!