November 2018 Meeting

This is the one everyone waits for every year. Bryan and Debbie Schroeder are going to explain how they grew their rental portfolio over the last 14 years from nothing to a wealth building, cash flow generating portfolio using very little of their own money.

Presentation Overview

Bryan will be going over:
* Big picture of how they approached rentals to reach their goals for retirement plus leaving a legacy.
* How they determined where to purchase their rental houses.
* What type of houses have been working out the best for them over the years.
* Should you use leverage to grow your portfolio
* And what the numbers look like over time.

Then Debbie, Lori, and Scott will be covering the day to day rental tasks & procedures to make it run like a well oiled machine.
* How to advertise rentals
* How to screen tenants
* Services they use to make showing and payments a breeze
* How to keep good tenants
* Special last step before they actually accept and sign a new tenant that will help avoid a person that puts up a good “interview” front but can be a nightmare once in your unit.
And so much more on what they run into and how to handle it.

There is a reason they have a 95 to 97% occupancy rate month after month.

If you are even thinking about adding rentals to your real estate investing this is a “most attend” meeting!

Haves and Wants

Haves-Wants 11-29-18

Virtual Handouts

Here are the handouts that Debbie, Scott and Lorie went over during their presentation:

FHBC 4 Star Properties Processing the Application 11-15-18

FHBC Checklist for processing a tenant application

FHBC Denial Based On Credit Report

FHBC Move In Process

FHBC Move Out Process

FHBC Rental House Rehab Checklist New

FHBC Rental Move-In and Move-Out Checklist

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