October 2019 Meeting

Traditional Real Estate in an Investor’s World presented by Matt Becker.

This month we thought we would let everyone in on a little-known secret in real estate investing – how we use traditional real estate agents to profit in a big way!

This strategy costs ZERO $$$$ and can be extremely profitable. This can be the gift that keeps on giving! Learn to work with traditional RE Agents and you have potential deal flow for LIFE!!! (Yes we used three exclamation points)

Real Estate Agents on are on the front lines and see many houses that do not fit the traditional retail sales model… those deals are golden nuggets for investors.

We asked Matt Becker of Magnolia Real Estate, if he could come in and share how he and his team at Magnolia are working with investors to help make them some serious money from the traditional real estate market and the MLS.

He agreed and put together a great presentation with 4 case studies from our local market. Plus, I believe the investors in the case studies have agreed to be there as well!

Here are the 4 case studies:
1. Wholesaling through the MLS for surprise profits
2. Using “As-Is” listings as an exit strategy
3. Finding “rental turn-key flips” – he will explain but the concept is very easy and these deals are everywhere
4. Mining for Vacation Rental Diamonds in the MLS

Over the years, Matt has worked with many investors including FasterHouse to find and sell deals. He completely understands where investors are coming from since he is an investor himself.

This should be a very informative night and we believe that all investors should be taking full advantage of using traditional agents to make more money!

See you October 17th…

P.S. You will have a chance to ask all the questions you want to a traditional broker/agent to find out how you can work with agents or why your previous attempts at working with an agent maybe didn’t go so well.