Step by Step on How to Wholesale in Under 60 Minutes…. The Ultimate Side Hustle

Dennis and Camron are going to buy over 75 houses this year between the two of them…. So to say they know how to find buyers and wholesale houses is an understatement. These two guys are some of the best wholesalers in the STL Metro area. They are going to teach you exactly how they are so successful and give away all their tricks and secrets that can help make you a successful wholesaler.

They ideas and advice these two will be giving is the type of stuff people teach at expensive seminars… but you get it at our local REI meeting.. Lucky you!

If you want to be a full time wholesaler or start to dabble into this type if investing this meeting is a MUST attend! Becoming a successful wholesaler is not super hard if you know what to say and who to talk to and these guys are going to show you just that.

Giveaways from Meeting:

Rehab Budget Sheet

One Page Contract

Assignment of Contract Form