What Is FasterFreedom

FasterFreedom is a Mastermind Group

There are 5 Things We Help You With…

1st – On Boarding Session

You will meet with Bryan Schroeder and Rachel Mendoza “One on One” to help you create a custom business plan. Bryan brings his 20+ years of experience in real estate to help guide you to where you want to take your business.

  • A. Starting with your “WHY” – Why are you in real estate investing?
  • B. Go through your “Core Focus”, ” Long-Term Strategy” and “Marketing Plan”
  • C. Create goals for the year – Decide what you can do to move closer to your goals each month and set up a “score card” to check in every month and track your progress

2nd – Create a Peer Group

We surround you with “like minded” individuals. People who are passionate about creating freedom through real estate investing and can help support your vision.

3rd – Accountability and Collaboration

Based on your goals, you will explain monthly what you have done to reach the milestones you have set.

We provide a closed Facebook Group to keep in contact with members. This is a place where you can celebrate successes, voice concerns you are dealing with, and help one another navigate investing in general.

4th – Access to Deals

You will have access to FasterHouse deals. Each year FasterHouse wholesales about 100+ deals to rehabbers and landlords. You will have first pick on all the wholesale deals before they are blasted out to the public.

5th – Shared Resources

We are all in the same area and we use the same resources such as bankers, insurance agents, realtors, contractors, accountants, etc… Inside of the membership area you will have access to everyone that we use on a daily basis.

Rachel has put together an extensive educational resource with many videos, audios, and materials to help you get to the next step.

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