Who is FasterFreedom For?

Who is FasterFreedom Right For?

Smart and growing St Louis area real estate investors.

You must have completed 3 real estate deals.

This isn’t a coaching group…This is a Mastermind of like minded people wanting to grow their business.

A member can be:

  • A single person
  • A couple
  • Business partners
  • Small team

Several Groups:

We have several groups that are made up of 10-15 members. The group members range from people flipping a handful of deals per year or growing a small portfolio all the way up to full time real estate business owners.

For example we have a team that flips well over 100 houses per year, a team that has over 300 mobile home pads that they rent, a hard money lender that does 90-100 loans per year, to a person that runs a turn-key rental business that manages over 300 homes.

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Meet at FasterHouse office, take a tour, and get to know each other to figure out if we are a fit

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